Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh you fancy huh

Summertime...and the livin's easy....

Summer kicks ass. Recovery was good, Thank Me Later was good. Pilot Talk comes out like next week, Yeezy dropping tracks (the actual version of "Power"), Cudi dropping tracks (Revofev), and Big Sean (meh), Ye and Cudi all have albums dropping on the same day in September? We'll see if the plan stays like that. Big Boi in two days? I'll read the reviews before I buy it, haha.

Free Agency, huh. To me, this stuff's annoying. I've always been a LeBron fan because I had to take a side in the Bron-Kobe argument, and I hate Kobe, so LeBreezy is the natural choice. But he's making it harder and harder for me to like him. Screw it then, Chris Paul is the best player in the league (not really). I'm giving up on the argument, though, because I don't like either one of them right about now....LeBron, stay in Cleveland. The fans love you, you finally have a competent coach, and you're from the area. You want to be one of the greatest to put on a jersey? How many of the GREATS changed uniforms? Wilt doesn't count. Do what's best for your career, you have enough cheese already to last eight lifetimes.

But I'll play along, I have my official predictions. Bosh and Wade in Miami. Amar'e in New York. Bron stays because I want him to. JJ looks like he's staying in the ATL. But all of this contract BS that comes during these summers sucks; I love hoops because of the game and I try to ignore the fact that they make millions and millions off of it. But I'm not complaining, I know that it's a big market job, and whoever's the best at what they do in the world makes that kind of dough. But it's annoying; just play for your team and make it about loyalty. I don't blame Bosh, though.

Also, I'm actually kind of mad that the Celtics signed Pierce for the next four years. FOUR. He'll be 36. They basically just did this because it's Pierce, and he wants to end his career here. It was smart of him to opt out, because we probably wouldn't have re-upped with him because his drop-off is imminent. He's one of the least athletic SF's in the league, and that won't help him out once he gets older. But he's aging gracefully. I'm still surprised that Danny signed him for so long, though...he's been talking about how he wants to get younger. I liked the Bradley draft pick, too.

Also....draft. Orlando! Stanley Robinson, Daniel Orton? High-risk picks, yes, but there's real athleticism between those guys. They could be huge players. LAC scored as well. REALLY scored. But the Clippers will forever and always suck, so I don't know if it really makes a difference. How did the rest of the league let Devin Ebanks fall to the Lakers? Criminal...also, SacTown big men can be a force for years to come. Cousins, Whiteside, Dalembert, Landry....and you guys know Jason Thompson is my dude. Omri Casspi? Tyreke Evans? Francisco Garcia? This team could screw around and make the playoffs next year.

Germany, Netherlands, Uruguay, Spain. I want a Spain-Netherlands final, but Germany is ON FIRE right now. ON FIRE. What's on fire in German? "In Brand". They DEMOLISHED Messi and Argentina. Destroyed. Nobody's beating Deutschland right now. But I'm rooting for Holland....even though Torres is my dude.

Happy Independence Day, everyone. Waving those flags.



Hursty said...

Germany beat Spain 2-1, even without Thomas Muller.

Holland vs. Germany in the final.
Germany wins 1-0, scoring in the 2nd half.

Moose said...

We'll see what Villa/Fabregas/Torres have to say about that. But again, Germany is on fire. I want Holland in the final. I like Holland.

BET said...

Moose, can you confirm or deny the rumor that the Celtics signed Richard Nixon to a 12 year contract?

Anonymous said...

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