Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who wants it more?

Today, I saw people with sleeping bags outside of the TD Garden, lined up. The line stretched down the entire stadium, and across three streets. Every single person was wearing some sort of Celtics gear. Tickets went on sale today. The Finals will come down to one question: Who wants it more?

I'm going with the C's and the best fans in the league.


BET said...

Ken Macha has already guaranteed that his team will be the victors. This 'article' was pointless, its already said and done; Moose their is nothing you can do.

Moose said...

I thought you said you were done with the mlb once manny got suspended?

BET said...

i just wanted to pick the underdogs here. Nobody thinks these guys can pull it out, but i want to be able to say i believed in them.

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